How to identify a real antique mirror?

You need to take time to recognise a real antique mirror. Currently, you can use specific sites to define the authenticity of your mirror. You will get answers regarding the period of the object. By addressing several topics, you will be able to identify the age of your mirror on your own.

Recognising a real antique mirror

To recognise an antique mirror, you need to highlight several elements. A priori, it is mandatory to define the type of mirror. You can have a mirror of woodwork, fireplace, witch or other. This step will allow you to define the year of appearance of the object. In some cases, you will have the opportunity to have an exceptional and very valuable mirror. The rarity of the mirror is an important point to consider. To study the style of your object can be evaluated through its shape and decoration. You will be able to find straight neoclassical or fretworked models. The value of the object can vary according to the aesthetics and design. It is important to check the balance in the proportions of the mirror.

Determining the age and authenticity of a mirror

As it is not easy to recognise an antique mirror, you can get a companion. The age of the mirror can influence your decision making. You should know that plaster decorations appeared around the 19th century. The inspection of the mirror must be carried out carefully. Estimating the age of the mirror can be difficult. By examining the object, you will be able to deduce the support from which it is made. An antique mirror can be formed by silver mercury or colourless glass. The condition of the glass can tell you more about the age of the mirror. With glittery reflections, the value of the mirror will increase.

Tips for checking a real antique mirror

Several elements are to be favoured to identify a real antique mirror. If the back of the object is formed by a wooden support, your mirror is indeed an antique model. The fasteners are often forged by hand. If you find a label on the back, you should be wary of the possibility of machine manufacture. The patterns and decorations present enhance the finesse of the mirror. After assessing the general condition of the mirror, you should look for clues on the frame. Any imperfections should be reported to estimate the true value of the antique mirror.
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