Antique art

Antique art in the digital age: Navigating online galleries

The world of antique art has undergone a remarkable transformation. With the advent of online galleries, art enthusiasts and collectors alike now have unprecedented access to a vast array of exquisite masterpieces from different eras and cultures. The emergence of…

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Things you should know before starting a Fabergé egg collection

The objects of fascination created by the jeweller Pierre Karl Fabergé were destined for the imperial families before 1885 to 1916. They symbolise opulence or mystery. Between these years, he made at least 50 artistic eggs. These art jewels are…

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Philately: How much are stamps worth?

Have you inherited a stamp collection or are you starting your own collection and would like to know more about the value of stamps? What makes stamps valuable is their state of preservation, rarity and the quality of their cancellation….

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Atypical collector’s items: focus on old snuffboxes

Many collect atypical objects such as old snuffboxes. Indeed, these unusual old objects are coveted by collectors because of their history and origins. Find out why the snuffbox has become a collector’s item. Collection of old snuffboxes: a history through…

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How to recognize real handcrafted Santons?

The santons, from the Provençal “les petits saints” are figurines used to decorate Provençal cots and decorations. It is advisable to buy them directly from an artisanal manufacturer, for example, a santon workshop. Authentic santon figurines are made of clay…

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How to recognize a real antique cameo jewel?

The most authentic jewels are cameos. It is not very difficult to recognize an authentic from a fake. An incomparable finesse will be noticed on authentic jewellery. Here are a few tips to help you check the jewel. The structure…

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