What is a real Molière armchair?

The sale of antiques and antique replicas has become a very popular business. Unfortunately, it is common to see consumers buying the wrong item due to a lack of information and discernment. Indeed, one must know how to discern the replica from the original, just as with a real Molière armchair and a fake one.

Original, real or replica?

It is easy to buy the wrong article at the wrong price just by looking at a name. So, be aware that there is only one Molière armchair (two if you count the replica). This is the armchair that Molière used in his last play before he died and it is the so-called original. It is displayed as an object of commemoration. On the other hand, a real antique armchair can be said to be Molière's if it dates from the same period and has the same characteristics as "Molière's armchair". Finding antique Molière armchairs is, in this case, possible. Note also that there are certain brands of large armchairs bearing this name that have nothing to do with antique products and are not replicas either.

A real Molière armchair according to the model of Molière's armchair

Without a professional, it is surely difficult to recognise the true from the false. Nevertheless, some details do not lie and can be verified in most cases. First of all, Molière's armchair dates from the end of the 17th century and adopts a Louis XIII style. So if you wish to acquire an antique Molière armchair, the model of this chair is a good reference. For characteristics, this armchair (originally) is covered in black skin with a slightly sloping backrest. The armrests are in a straight line and the spacers are arranged in an H-shape. It is important to remember that this chair has an adjustable backrest with the presence of racks connecting the backrest to the armrests. Please note that most chairs of the same model have a front crossbar.

A real Molière armchair from the 17th century

The characteristics of the furnishings differ according to the era in which they were used. Since Molière's armchair adopts a Louis XIII style (i.e. from the 17th century), it is essential to review the details of the furniture from this period. This style can be identified above all by the use of straight lines by the cabinetmakers. When looking for antique Molière armchairs, this detail, together with the H-shaped spacers, is the most important. Note also the use of rosary or drum turning on the seat legs and armrest supports. Finally, when checking the authenticity of a Molière armchair from the 17th century, the presence of a few Italian and Spanish marks is normal.
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