The peculiarities of the antique type of crystal

Published on : 22 September 20202 min reading time

Crystal is glass with a lead content of up to 40% and at least 24% lead oxide must be added to the glass. It is heavier than glass. The antique type of crystal are household objects to make light decoration or even kitchen tools.


In the 1950s and 1960s, almost every family had at least one crystal object with a sun motif at home, which was a classic in those days. It was one of the most beautiful wedding gifts of that time. A real cut crystal can be identified by its weight (heavier than glass because it contains lead) and its sharp edges which are softer than the edges of a moulded glass. Since it is hand-made at that time, no two pieces will ever be identical. This is what makes their antique charm, and their value, especially sentimentality.  But they are not so rare or precious, people love them just as they are the objects of crystal antiques.

Special feature

There are many objects made with crystal or decorated with it. But looking back at the image of antiquity, it is very remarkable to see that the lights of that time were almost all made of crystal or decorated with crystal. This is because since that time and nowadays light has been an essential element in the decoration of a living room or a kitchen. The idea is to have modern classics or opt for a safe and always fashionable value. C’est lumière can be carved with copper, wood, brass, with patterns.

Antique crystal object

Moreover, crystal was not just in the living room, as a chandelier or a vase, but the sculptors also made wall lights to light the corridors or even a bedroom. Today many people still hold on to the fashion of antique crystal, not only for its value, but also for its special taste.

For the kitchen, his crystal objects are also widely used. For example, soup bowls, salt and pepper pots, plates, etc. Not forgetting coffee cups and crystal coasters to honour guests during their visit. But nowadays, antique crystal objects are only used for very special events, and many people use them as collector’s items.

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