What is the difference between a bracket clock and a mantel clock?

mantel clock

A bracket clock is a type of ancient table clock that is portable and made in the 17th and 18th centuries, while a mantel clock is a small house clock that is placed on either a shelf or above a fireplace. It is also called a shelf clock. You can find both clocks on lapendulerie.com.

Apart from checking the time, these clocks are also used to decorate your house. They are mostly kept in the living room to help bring out a stylish interior design. The main similarity is that both clocks existed in ancient times and are considered antique clocks.

It is always hard to determine when each type of clock was made. To easily identify the period they were made, you should look for the clock maker's name or the company in which the clock was made.

The difference between Bracket and mantel clocks

The bracket clock originated from having small weight-driven pendulum clocks, sometimes called 'true bracket clocks.' They were mounted on a bracket put on the wall to allow space for their hanging weights.

They are portable table clocks with two matching pieces created as coordination. This coordination gives the clocks a decorated appearance.

They are usually made of wood which is often ebony. Ornaments like brass inlay, ormolu mounts, a tortoise or wood thin decorating covering shell, or another type of decorative varnish give the bracket,s clock an ornamented beautiful finish.

During the olden days, clocks were very expensive for each household to afford, and therefore, they were built with handles that would make it easier to carry them along.

When these clocks were used in the bedroom, the striking of the hourly bell could disturb those sleeping, so they either had a knob to make the hourly striking silent, or it would not strike at all at that hour but would start striking again when the cord was pulled. For this reason, they were referred to as 'silent pull repeaters.

In bracket, the clock has a small weight so that it is possible to mount it on a bracket on the wall to give room for their weights while they are hanging.

On the other hand, mantel clocks are easily distinguished from bracket s clocks because of the lack of handles for carrying them along. The materials used to make these clocks are bronze, glass, marble, and wood.

They were also made for decorative purposes, and this decorated appearance was mostly constructed from wood, porcelain, and ormolu.

A mantel clock must have a flat base, stands, or detailed legs since it is placed on a shelf or above a fireplace so that it is possible to sit or rest on the surfaces of these shelves.

The movements of these clocks are set to lie horizontally on the clock's base. These clock bases are also called seat boards.

They are found in various shapes and styles and usually come in a smaller size than any other type of clock from the historical periods. They were both battery-operated and wind-up.

The main difference between a bracket clock and a mantel clock is that in bracket are ancient clocks made in the 17th and 18th centuries, while mantel clocks are clocks made from the 18th century up to the modern day.

Antique mantel clocks

Antique mantel clocks are also highly ornamented and can be used for decoration. They are also known as shelf clocks, and these clocks' movements were made of wood or brass. Most of these clocks are made to swing when they are hung, just like the antique wall clocks.

The difference between the movements of these antique mantel clocks and those in a wall clock is that the movements are positioned differently. The movements of the wall clocks on the clock's dashboard are set upward, unlike the movements in the mantel clock.

Antique wall clocks

Antique wall clocks are ancient clocks designed to hang on the wall of your house, for example, over a mantel, over a seating area, or on the side of the room to add a little personality and style to your room.

Apart from their functionality, they are also of great accent for decorating your walls since they come in different shapes and sizes.

They were developed clocks that worked efficiently at the workplace and at home in the time-telling mechanism. An advantage of these clocks is that they are easily displayed and bring out a sense of the past to every household that has them.

Vintage wall clock

They are an old-fashioned wall clock that adds a homely and cozy feeling to your home. They are made in so many designs that you can choose from.

The vintage wall clocks have unique designs, and whether you are looking for a pendulum clock, a more modern clock, or an ornamented clock, you can find them from the vintage clocks.

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