What is the most sought-after Louis XIV furniture?

Louis XIV antiques are the most sought-after pieces of furniture today. Not only because of the quality of the wood used for their construction, but for their vintage, classy and perhaps modern style. Many people choose to renovate their furniture as many people want to keep the "old school" look and natural colour class to be able to transform them.

Louis XIV styles: what you need to know

The vintage style furniture that are part of Louis XIV antiques are those that covered the period between 1661 and 1715 when Louis XIV reigned. This style comes from a decoration made of wood veneers and many other materials, cut according to a pattern in drawing and then glued on a support usually made by a cabinetmaker. Louis XIV furniture is technically made of solid wood such as :
  • Walnut trees,
  • The oaks
  • The chestnut tree
  • Ebony woods
  • Fir pears and other fruit trees.
Inspired by an Italian and antique look, they are very luxurious, but are no longer inspired by the copious art of building and space construction. However, the Louis XIV style is characterised by a crucial symmetry and a conspicuous dimension. Metal can also be used in the construction of Louis XIV style furniture.

Most sought-after catalogues

Although there is a wide selection of Louis XIV antique furniture, it is good to know that there are some pieces of furniture that are increasingly preferred nowadays for practical and rather aesthetic reasons, especially for those who have a taste for luxury, class while remaining in the right period. These include armchairs, console tables and pedestal tables, chests of drawers, sideboards and also wardrobes, which are rather difficult to replace due to the good quality of the wood used and all other materials.

The usefulness and advantages of Louis XIV furniture

This furniture is of a vintage style or Louis XIV antiques. The solid wood and metals used for their construction are of very good quality. Not only are they of good quality, they are also renewable. This is why armchairs, pedestal tables, console tables as well as chests of drawers and sideboards are the most popular. Some painters, cabinetmakers or simply a particular person with good taste have the gift and ability to renew them by using beautiful bright and dark colours combined in a single piece of furniture. For chests of drawers, some classy users prefer a navy and gold colour or a good white and gold placed in an all-white room to give a renewed look while remaining vintage and classy. This list of renewal models is not exhaustive, it all depends on everyone's taste.
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