Clocks and Pendulums

Identifying an antique clock: tips & tricks

Are you planning to buy an antique clock and would like to know how to identify it? Given the many scams on sites and in shops, it is important to take certain points into account before making any purchase. To…

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Antique clocks: appreciating the authenticity of the mechanism

Are you a lover of authentic quality products, or a lover of works of art, you have a real penchant for antique clocks? The pretty sound of its regular ticking and the ringing of the clock that takes you back…

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Antique Pendulums: making sure the pendulum is in conformity!

Antique clocks are still very noble decorations today. Others even make a whole collection of them thanks to their beauty and rarity. That is why they are very expensive, as they can also be considered valuable jewellery. It is a…

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