What is a “mantelpiece” clock?

Nowadays, clocks are one of the rare and antique pieces that exist in the world. They are put up for auction at a high price because of their age. What is the use of the mantelpiece clock nowadays? What are the special features of clocks? In which regions do pendulums still exist and how much do you sell your pendulum for?

What is a mantelpiece clock?

A mantelpiece clock is called a “chimney”. It is a clock that was made by royalty in the past. The operation is regulated by a pendulum clock. It is a miniature lantern-type clock, six to eight inches long. It is very useful for setting and seeing the time.

It can be placed on the shelf or on the walls. These clocks are available in several pieces. For example antique clocks that are of Parisian or English origin, because they collect these antique pieces by keeping them in antique shops or at auction. For more information you can visit https://www.lapendulerie.com/.

For thousands of centuries, these antique clocks have been used to see time and with a limited number of clocks with a specific design and old style.

Some specificities of the “chimney” clocks?

There are several specificities of these mantelpiece clocks. First of all, it is of the clock type which is used to see the time. Then, you have to see the date of manufacture and the condition of the piece. Thus, rare clocks which are made in France with rare parts and a limited number of fabrications for the mantelpiece clock. Then, the decorations and ornaments are also important to see where to put your clocks.

It is also important to know the type of wood and materials needed to make these antique objects. Finally, the provenance is also essential to know where his rare and antique pieces come from in order to help the antique dealer or collectors for the sale and purchase of his rare objects.

And finally, it is necessary to know the characteristics or unusual features so that you know the characteristics that differentiate these objects from other objects.

Where can you find the so-called “fireplace clocks” and how much do they cost?

These clocks can be found in France or England, or in museums or at auctions. There are many sizes and categories of clocks. These clocks are very expensive at auctions because of their antiquity and rarity, which only exist in regions that collect ancestral objects.

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