Atypical collector’s items: focus on old snuffboxes

Many collect atypical objects such as old snuffboxes. Indeed, these unusual old objects are coveted by collectors because of their history and origins. Find out why the snuffbox has become a collector's item.

Collection of old snuffboxes: a history through the ages

The origins of the old atypical snuffboxes offer a unique and rare peculiarity for the snuffbox. Basically, it was designed to preserve an expensive tobacco powder that only wealthy people could have. It made its first appearance in France in 1560, as a gift dedicated to Catherine de Medicis. Moreover, in the 18th century, they became better known for their rare materials, which made them a marvel for collectors. Indeed, there are all sorts of them made of gold, silver, ivory and vermeil, porcelain, etc. Their confections play an important role, some goldsmiths even made snuffboxes decorated with precious stones. Over time, these objects have been popularised in this way, and many made them with cheaper and less refined materials.

Why collect old snuffboxes?

Old snuffboxes are now collected by some people. Whether it is an old model from the other side of the country, many people love these objects to make a collection. Indeed, the passion for such objects can be born from a valuable object acquired over time by a loved one. Objects with sentimental value can create a great penchant for collecting. On the other hand, others may fall in love with an object such as the snuffbox at the back of a foreign shop or an antique shop. Finding a unique and rare piece can also lead a person to collect old objects. Most of these collectors of atypical objects find their pieces during a trip. It is, for example, possible to find a snuffbox dating back several centuries in Africa.

Where to buy collector's snuffboxes?

The passion for collecting old snuffboxes is mainly due to the fact that these objects have their own stories. They were considered valuable objects, which is why many people want to buy these atypical objects to complete their collections. You can find many atypical collector's items on the internet to satisfy your passion for old snuffboxes. It only takes a few clicks to find the object that speaks to you the most. It is possible to find a variety of unique and original snuffboxes dating back a few hundred years. Moreover, you can check the authenticity of each piece via the website of the antique supplier.
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