Philately: How much are stamps worth?

Have you inherited a stamp collection or are you starting your own collection and would like to know more about the value of stamps? What makes stamps valuable is their state of preservation, rarity and the quality of their cancellation.

Criteria for the value of a stamp

Many people make their first contact with stamps by chance because they have a philatelic collection. The value of a stamp is determined according to three criteria: rarity, conservation quality and whether or not it has been cancelled. Preservation quality means the image on the stamp, the sharpness of the colours and the condition of the serrations. To collect stamps, it is important that they are stored in a dry place, neither folded nor rolled up, yellowed or discoloured by time.. the better the storage; the higher is the potential value. Of course, everyone dreams of holding a small treasure in their hands. Collecting stamps requires seriousness and it is a matter of selecting stamps that will retain their value as time goes by.

Postmarked or not

It should be noted that an uncancelled stamp is worth more than the same stamp that has been cancelled. The state of preservation of the stamp may or may not increase its value. The older or rarer a stamp is, the higher its price will be. When you want to collect stamps, you should not keep just any stamps and this will increase the value of your collection. Philatelists have a soft spot for stamps issued in the 19th century, which are authentic and in good condition. It is very important that demand be combined with rarity. As with everything else in the world, demand determines the price. In many cases, a rare stamp from Africa or South America will have a different value than a rare stamp from France or China, because stamps are more collected in these countries. If your stamps are highly valued by collectors and demand is high, the likelihood of a high selling price is of course greater.

The most valuable stamps

Among the most expensive stamps in the world, for example, the "one-cent magenta" issued in British Guinea, which reached seven million euros at an auction in New York. Collecting stamps is a passion that can pay big dividends. You can refer to the list of the world's most precious and rare stamps to find out the value of these little treasures. The first two stamps of Mauritius are worth more than one million euros. These stamps were issued in Mauritius in 1847 during the British colonisation. With only 26 known postage stamps, it is not surprising that each of them is worth more than one million euros.
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