Zoom on the antique dealers’ district in Versailles

Being a place steeped in history, the Versailles antique district is one of the favourite places for tourists and antique enthusiasts around the world. Curious, or in search of a particular object, many people meet there at different times of the year. Here's what you need to know about the antiques district in Versailles.

The antique dealers' district: what is it?

Versailles has one of the largest antique districts in Paris, on the Passage de la Geôle side, more precisely near the Place du Marché-Notre-Dame. It is a historic district of Versailles which brings together several art professionals in the west of Paris. Located in the heart of the Versailles, this art and antique centre offers around fifty antique dealers. Each one is as original as the next. Nostalgia, mystery and originality are always present for the many art lovers who come to stroll through the narrow streets of this district. In any case, for most of them, visiting this place is a real adventure that leads to the discovery of many ancient treasures, both rare and sought-after.

The areas of the antique dealers' district

The spaces that make up the alleys of the antique dealers' district in Versailles are a real paradise for antique hunters and art lovers. Linked by passageways, alleyways or courtyards, these different spaces contain different types of extremely rare and valuable objects. There are 4 large spaces in the antique district of Versailles. Firstly, the Bailliage, once the court and prison of Versailles, has now become antique shops and galleries for furniture, modern paintings and art objects. Then the Village, with its small iron houses arranged around a then, constitutes a passage for several exhibitors. Then the Passage, which used to be the promenade for former prisoners, has now become the place for jewellery, antique furniture, ceramics, showcase objects, etc. Finally, Le Carré des Antiquaires, formerly the Bailliage stable, has been transformed into workshops for craftsmen and antique dealers.

Items available in the antique dealers' quarter in Versailles

As its name suggests, the Versailles antiques district brings together several shops and experts in the field of antiques and flea markets in the west of Paris. As a result, antique enthusiasts as well as the occasional antique hunter can find everything they need and are looking for. For example, when you are in the area, you will be able to find several types of antique objects, whether jewellery, silverware, furniture, paintings, weapons, books, remains or even antique toys. You just need to know which alley to go to for this or that type of objects and items and you will certainly find what you are looking for.
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