Estimating an object: how to obtain the opinion of an auctioneer?

Estimating the price of a piece of art or antiques is a must for an antique dealer or a reseller in the context of a sale project. This is not an easy task. It can indeed hold great surprises. To sell at the right price, there are several solutions. One of them is to use an auctioneer.

Having an object appraised by an auctioneer

The use of an auctioneer is the most convenient and reliable local solution for appraising an object. This expert can guide his client through the many avenues that make it possible to determine the rarity of the object. He can take care of the valuation of antique paintings, antique furniture, books, jewellery, works of art and many others. He will certainly be a good source of information on the type of art object to be appraised. Depending on the number and volume of pieces to be appraised, the specialist may ask to take the goods home with him. However, it is also possible for him to go directly to the client's premises. It is important to know that obtaining the opinion of an auctioneer on the appraisal of an object has a price to pay. The cost of the appraisal may vary from one appraiser to another.

Estimating an object on the Internet: a reliable solution

Thanks to the development of the web, it is currently possible to have art objects appraised on the Internet. There are many sites that specialise in this field. To do so, all you have to do is send a complete description of the object, including the name of the artist, the condition, the year of creation, the dimensions... Don't forget the photos. Every detail counts to help the auctioneer give a better estimate of the piece and thus sell it at the right price. This option can be very advantageous, but it still has its drawbacks. Estimating can be complex for some objects. You should therefore make an appointment with the expert so that he or she can give an excellent opinion.

Auctioneers' skills in appraising an object

Auctioneers are professionals with many skills to appraise and appraise all kinds of works of art and give them an estimate. They can be said to be very competent in their field thanks to the training they have received. They can establish an inventory to help clients in their project of sale, division, inheritance or insurance. These professionals can also be available for advice on the management of movable assets.
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